Going through the cupboard

Spending most of the day going through my Xstitch Xcellence cupboard, i found some embroidery hoops and instantly wanted to create something new. I went to my local craft shop in shrewsbury and chose delicate perfect light grey and blue linen . i wanted to use bright pastel colours and floral theme.

I am thrilled with the pieces i have created so far –

Lavender Bees iconic summer pairing , the purple shades and gold glowing together is perfect and the beads add just enough sparkle. Got this idea at my mum’s beautiful back garden and her lavender thnakyou mum!

Fields of Gold is dedicated to early spring mornings in march, daffodills popping up both along the garden & woodland path. i decided to add a ladybird just at the last minute and perfect.

Pink Hibiscus Bloom and Pink&Petite are explosions of pink shades with added beading in the centres.

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