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Welcome to Xstitch Xcellence Excellence in Every Stitch, the best in Cross Stitch Xcellence for your decor.

I’m Lucy Gittins, the sole creator of Xstitch Xcellence excellence in every stitch cross stitch kits.

I have been cross stitching since the age of 12. My first stitched piece was one of Cicely Mary Barker’s (Wild Cherry Blossom Tree fairy) that is still one of my most loved pieces. Once I finished it, I knew in that moment that I wanted to have my own cross stitch business, creating individual cross stitch kits myself for fellow cross stitch enthusiasts.

I have over 20 years of expertise in cross stitch and continue to learn more about needlework everyday, from stitches to fabric to colour palettes of embroidery thread. I live in Shrewsbury so I have inspiration on my doorstep, and on all of my holidays I make sure I visit any and all tourist attractions for more design ideas for future upcoming kits. A favourite of mine is the beautiful and majestic Lake District, the inspiration for Xstitch Xcellence season’s Glory Spring and Winter.

My design process is to simply sit and draw in my sketchbook. I like to take a single word and draw ideas that relate to that word, then I choose a picture I’d like to develop into a chart that is both visually attractive and thought provoking.

Xstitch Xcellence Excellence in Every Stitch provides new, fresh contemporary modern cross stitch kits that are all individual pieces, giving you Xcellence for your decor.

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Have an Xcellent Day
Lucy Gittins
Sole creator & designer for Xstitch Xcellence Excellence in Every Stitch

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